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In addition to sports betting, the Mostbet bookmaker offers its customers a large number of slots and online games. The company’s flagship product in this area is Mostbet Aviator, which is very popular with players. A key indicator of this development status is its placement in the main menu along with the “Line” and “Casino” sections.

On this page, we will present the game, its rules and features, and current strategies that can lead to a win in Mostbet Aviator.

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Aviator Mostbet IN: the game essence and rules

Aviator is the game based on a random number generator, so the outcome of a round is pre-determined before the start of it.

The point of the game is that the user follows the flight of the aircraft. During the flight, the multiplier starts at 1.0 and gradually increases as the aircraft gains the altitude. At some point, the plane will disappear from the playing field, and the user will see the message “Flew away”. The odds in each round are determined by a random number generator.

Aviator Mostbet IN

The user can cash out the bet at any time during the round. If the player manages to do this before the plane leaves the playing field, the bet is multiplied by the current odds and paid out to the player. If the aircraft disappears form the screen before settlement, the bet is lost.

Rounds are regularly rotated at short intervals so that players can place bets. Aviator Mostbet IN allows you to place one or two bets per round. They can be cashed out at different time intervals. The main feature of the game is that the plane can fly away at odds of 10.0 and higher, and at  the odds of 1.05 or even less.

mostbet aviator

The aviator was developed by Spribe. The developer enables everyone to use the honesty check algorithm. The user can receive a secret code in advance, which is converted by the decoder into the corresponding odds.

The game is available in two modes – for real money and a demo version.

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How to play Aviator

To play in a demo mode, visit the company’s website and get on the product page. You need to be logged in to start playing Mostbet Aviator online for real money. In addition, the email address or phone number must be verified in your account.

To start playing the game, do the following actions:

  1. Visit the Mostbet website and log in.
  2. Confirm your email address or phone number.
  3. If necessary, replenish your account in any convenient way.
  4. Press the Aviator button on the main menu.
  5. Set the bet amount and click “Bet”.
  6. Wait for the start of the round and click the “Cash out” button at the right time. If you do this before the plane leaves the playing area, the winnings will be credited to your account.

If you place two bets at the same time, each of them must be cashed out in two separate clicks. There is also an “Auto Bet” feature. By activating it, you participate in each round by placing bets of a predetermined amount. Another feature of the game is “Autopayment”. Once the bets reach the desired odds, the system will automatically cash out the bets.

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Mostbet India Aviator game strategy

On the Internet, one can easily often find paid Aviator Mostbet strategies that guarantee a win. In fact, in a better scenario, those turn out to be just instructions that do not work, or, in a worse case, some malware. Even the developers of the random number generator cannot how it works, so there can be no guarantee of winning.

There are three most popular approaches to playing Aviator:

  • Risk minimization. Proponents of this strategy cash out their bets as soon as the odds reach the specified minimum range (1.20-1.30). With this approach, it is impossible to win much and quickly, but losses are also unlikely. You can make two parallel bets, settle one at the minimum limit and cash out the other one a little later;
  • Game by statistics. As a rule, every 60-90 minutes odds could reach as high as 50.0+. Players analyze when the indicator reached a similar value the previous time, note the time and start betting in each round to catch a long flight. This strategy is quite unreliable, because statistical patterns for a single round do not matter when playing with the random number generator. The system may not provide high odds for several hours, which leads to a big loss;
  • Classic Martingale. The supporters of the strategy play with odds of 2.0. They proportionally increase the bet after each loss and lock in the profits.

Frequently asked questions

Is there a demo mode for Aviator Mostbet?

Yes, there is a demo mode. Even unregistered clients can play in a demo mode.

How to start playing Aviator for money?

You must register, log into your account, confirm your email or phone number, and replenish your account. After that, you can proceed to the game.

What strategy leads to a guaranteed victory?

Unfortunately, such strategy does not exist. If there was a certain way to win, the company would have reacted at the lightning speed and updated the product.

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